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Today, I decided to once again, offer some free textures. I had some recycled paper left overs, and I think they make a cool texture, so I scan them and the result are the images you see above. I didn´t make any editing on them, just a bit of color correction, so basically, they´re like […]

“Into.The.Forest” by YUP | Paulo.Arraiano by mozilla Create a customized tee shirt at zazzle “Bubble Bay” by David Lanham by mozilla Tees made by zazzle On other posts in this blog I featured some of the brands who have their stores on Zazzle to sell their merchandise. This time I´m doing it again with the community store of […]

The Beetles


The Abbey Road album cover from The Beatles is one of those classic images, that is hard that you´ve never seen it, even if you don´t know much about them or their music. Images and designs inspired by it are countless, and a simple search over the Internet will easily show that. But, at least, […]



A few weeks ago, I featured a t-shirt by TheMightytiki, Cosmonaut. This time I´m featuring another winning design by this artist, Medusa. A solid illustration with a great linework, making  excellent use of the t-shirt color as an element of the design.  Using octopus tentacles instead of snakes, although making this not a true Medusa, works perfectly on giving some originality […]

Ghost Pattern Mousepad BW by ChunkyDesign See all other mousepads at Heart Pattern Valentine Postcard by ChunkyDesign Design Custom postcards at zazzle This post was planned to be written yesterday, but with my daughter´s 8th birthday, when I finally got time to sit in front of the computer, I was too tired to even think […]

Zazzle Friday 9


Sea Turtle by fizzgig Poster printing from Zombie Jr. by fizzgig View more Cartoon Posters For the last few days I´ve been working on some new designs for my Zazzle gallery with a ghost theme. While I was looking to see what kind of products were available there, about this theme, I came across John Schewgel´s […]



Scrolling through the homepage of this blog, I realized that it´s turning into a t-shirt blog, and that wasn´t my goal. So, it´s time to start breaking this pattern, and getting back to featuring other kind of products. Today I decided to have a look at one of the latest releases on Infectious, Suspension by […]

Unicorns are a seldom used theme on t-shirts, but most of those designs were on the cute and girly side. Now, with A Unicorn For Boys by Denise Tadla, one of Threadless’s new prints, all you manly unicorn lovers, who were too afraid of expressing their passion, with the fear of getting ridiculed by their friends, […]

From the most recent prints at Design by Hümans, I decided to feature today Death by Stealth by zerobriant, who was awarded Shirt of the Week. I must confess I´m far from being someone who likes ninja themed t-shirts, so this wouldn´t most likely be something I would wear. Regardless of that, this is a great […]



One of the new tees announced this Monday on Threadless, was the winner of the Threadless Loves Travel II challenge, Globetrotter by Katherine Cantrell. A nice concept, with a well executed illustration, where the muted color scheme blends perfectly with the olive background, and is the right match for the kind of drawing used, giving […]