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These last days have been pretty busy in most of online stores with a lot of holiday sales and promotions regarding black friday. Design by Humans is no exception and their holiday sale, with tees starting at 12$, is still going on until the end of today. From their latest prints, I decided to feature today […]

Zazzle Friday 6


Black Calendar by VioDeBlack Get a calendar from Zazzle 2010 calendar INK by anneliolander View more Artsprojekt Calendars We’re now almost in December, Christmas is coming, and soon , the new year will be here, so today, on my weekly post about Zazzle products, I decided to feature two 2010 Calendars. The first one with some beautiful and […]

On my weekly post about Threadless, I decided to feature today, Midnight Showing by Dan Rule. At first glance this is just a t-shirt with a nice pencil drawing on it, but what makes this design stand out, it´s the great use of glow-in-the-dark ink, that transforms this desolated place in the memory of the drive-in […]

It´s been a long time since I last featured a t-shirt from Design by Humans. So, I thought it was time to correct this, and the same way I do on Tuesdays regarding Threadless, I will start to make a post about DBH every Monday, featuring my favourite print from the past week. To kick […]

Zazzle Friday 5


Retro Circles Green & Teal Business Card by CSProfileCards Make business cards with zazzle Retro Circles Green & Teal Presentation Binder by CSProfileCards Shop other custom printed vinyl binders on In my weekly post about Zazzle, I decided today to feature the ColorScheme Profile Cards store by Sabine Steinmüller. As its name implies, here […]

Today, I decided to talk about another site that sells t-shirts created with user submitted designs, laFraise. If you´re looking for t-shirts with the same quality of designs you´ll find at Threadless or Design by Humans, but with a different style, laFraise might be your best choice. They run an open, ongoing competition, and also […]

From the newly printed t-shirts on Threadless, I had no choice but to feature We´ve Got Some Work To Do Now by Travis Pitts. This design had a great score of 3.92 out of 5 when it was submitted for voting. The post-apocalyptic scene is great, the style of drawing is great, the Scooby Doo […]



Rhombus Variation3 Mix1 Binder by ChunkyDesign Design a binder with zazzle Rhombus Variation2 Mix1 Stamp by ChunkyDesign Browse other stamps available at zazzle This Sunday is time for another post of shameless self-promotion. The two products featured above are part of a new product category I added to my Zazzle store and that I called Rhombus. The patterns […]

Zazzle Friday 4


Madhouse Binder by garfield View other Garfield Binders Duly Noted by garfield See more Garfield Binders Since a lot of superstitious people may not be having the greatest day in this Friday 13th, I decided to feature something related to humour to brighten up the day, on my weekly post about Zazzle. One of the […]

Alien Autopsy


On my weekly post about Threadless, I decided today to feature one of their new prints, Alien Autopsy by Chris Rowson.This design has a clear reference to Space Invaders, one of the most popular arcade games ever created, with a place in the history of video games, and that still is a major influence on […]