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LionHeart by vonster View other Artsprojekt T-Shirts Funk-O-Delic by vonster View other Artsprojekt Keds Shoes Another Friday is here, so it´s time to have another look at Zazzle. This time, decided to feature the gallery from the designer and illustrator, Von Glitschka (Vonster). He´s a quite experienced professional, so the quality of the designs you´ll find […]

Sir Rhyddcelot


Another group of solid designs were released by Threadless this past Monday. There were others that I could easily pick to feature here, but decided for this week´s Select, Sir Rhyddcelot by Esther Aarts. I really like this kind of illustration style, the color scheme used is gorgeous and looks perfect on the eggplant tee. It´s […]

Every Day Decay


T-shirts with skulls are a dime a dozen. Besides that, I´m far from being a fan of the usual rendition of skull tees. But, for every rule, there are exceptions, and this is the case on one of the latest prints on DBH, Every Day Decay by wotto. A great linework with awesome details and a […]