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I´ve written before on this blog about the work of Jared Nickerson aka J3Concepts, when I featured his Artsprojeckt store. Now he has a collection of wall murals and wallpapers available at IMGS Custom Wallcoverings, with some of his designs, so I tought it was the right time to feature his work again. Jared´s designs […]

It´s been a long time since I last posted here about laFraise, but the truth is that they keep releasing cool designs every week, and so, it´s more than justified to feature them again. Their last printed t-shirt is The Big Bang Theory by GUS. A fun and funky illustration, that gives us an alternative […]

Daddy Was a Jewel Thief by j3concepts Make your own mousepad with zazzle Super Mega Cavity by j3concepts More Artsprojekt Mousepads Another week is ending, so lets take some time to have a look at another Zazzle gallery, this time from Jared Nickerson aka J3Concepts. If you follow sites and blogs dedicated to graphic design, you most likely know […]

Today, I decided to feature one of the latest releases at Design by Hümans, cirque-au-porter by tolagunestro. First, because I don´t see it as the typical DBH tee,  and it´s allways good to see different styles having a chance to print. Besides that, it´s a beautiful illustration, where you can easily create your own version […]

LionHeart by vonster View other Artsprojekt T-Shirts Funk-O-Delic by vonster View other Artsprojekt Keds Shoes Another Friday is here, so it´s time to have another look at Zazzle. This time, decided to feature the gallery from the designer and illustrator, Von Glitschka (Vonster). He´s a quite experienced professional, so the quality of the designs you´ll find […]

Sir Rhyddcelot


Another group of solid designs were released by Threadless this past Monday. There were others that I could easily pick to feature here, but decided for this week´s Select, Sir Rhyddcelot by Esther Aarts. I really like this kind of illustration style, the color scheme used is gorgeous and looks perfect on the eggplant tee. It´s […]

Lose Your Mind!


My featured design from the new prints this week on Threadless is Lose Your Mind! by Martin Krusche. First of all, because it´s an amazing black and white illustration, with a great linework. Lots of detail that really deserves taking some time to completely appreciate and understand. And to make it even better, it´s a wrap around […]

Guess I will keep the trend from yesterday post, and feature another “rhino” shirt, this time coming from Threadless. Rhinoceros Valley by Joe Carr is an amazingly detailed illustration, that although being one color only, has a great range of tones created by the density of the linework. This has to be admired from up […]

Zazzle Friday 9


Sea Turtle by fizzgig Poster printing from Zombie Jr. by fizzgig View more Cartoon Posters For the last few days I´ve been working on some new designs for my Zazzle gallery with a ghost theme. While I was looking to see what kind of products were available there, about this theme, I came across John Schewgel´s […]

Giant City


It´s Monday again, a beginning of another week, and also the time for me to have another look at the latest printed tees on Design by Humans. This time I´m featuring Giant City ! by Aphte. Great illustration, really vibrant of color, with a lot of detail and action going on. The oversized print and […]