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Alien and Chameleon by vladstudio More posters At Zazzle Browse more Digital Art Posters Square Elephant by vladstudio Other poster designs On Browse other Digital Art Posters Time to have another look at Zazzle, this turn to see some of the work available at Vladstudio´s gallery. He has a lot of awesome digital art […]

  Like the subtitle of this blog says, besides showing other peoples work, I will also show some of my own. Above are two products I published at Cafepress, a site where, you can create a wide range of products and put them for sale. We can choose to open a Basic Shop for free, […]

Video Games


This time we go back at Threadless to have a look at their collection of TypeTees, that are created based on slogans submited by their users. What I like about them is that they´re not only usually a plain text t-shirt, which makes them good to look at, besides the message on the text. The […]

Keds Shoes


Pink Floral by whupsadaisy Make your own Keds shoes online with See other Shoes Keds Shoes Keds Art Shoe – Bubbles and Curls by dreamasylum Design personalized shoes on zazzle Browse other Graphic Design Keds Shoes This time we take a look at Zazzle, where you can easily create a wide range of products […]

All Our Weapons


Another great site to look for t-shirts is Design By Humans. The reason I like the one I posted above, relates to the strength of the black and white illustration, which gives an extra power to the message, connected with the way the drawing covers all of the t-shirt with the use of a jumbo […]

Under My Bed


To start things off, here´s one of the T-shirts available for sale at Threadless, a great site with an amazing amount of really talented people submitting their work. This one is a great example of an amazing graphic work with the added bonus of a clever use of the glow in the dark ink. If […]

The beginning


The main purpose of this blog is to showcase things that I like, that can be found in some of the sites, that allow users to upload and sell their work. There´s some really great stuff on these sites if you´re looking for something a little different from what you can find on a regular […]