Hearts and Ghosts

Ghost Pattern Mousepad BW mousepad
Ghost Pattern Mousepad BW by ChunkyDesign
See all other mousepads at zazzle.com

This post was planned to be written yesterday, but with my daughter´s 8th birthday, when I finally got time to sit in front of the computer, I was too tired to even think about it. So, I´m doing it today, and if you look at the images above, you´ll see that I decided to, once again, do a bit of shameless self-promotion.
Like mentioned on last Friday´s post, I´m working on a new product line in my Zazzle gallery with a ghost theme. The mousepad showcased above was one the products I first published using a black and white “ghost pattern”. This product won a TBA (Today´s Best Award) last 21st January.
The product below it, is a postcard using a heart pattern and a simple line of text, for the upcoming Valentine´s day.
Clicking on the images will take you to that products page, where you can see them in greater detail.



One Response to “Hearts and Ghosts”

  1. Hello, I was searching the internet for ideas for valentines day and I discovered your website. Keep up the excellent work.

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