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Ghost Pattern Keds by ChunkyDesign Make Keds sneakers with Diamond Plaid Royal Hi by ChunkyDesign Browse other Stripes Keds Shoes Yesterday, Zazzle added a new range of products to be customized and sold trough their platform. For a long time that´s being requested the possibility to design men´s shoes, in addition to the women […]

A day later than usual, but still in time to have a look to the new tees announced last Monday on Threadless. It took me some time to decide which one to feature on this post. At first, I tought of Never Ending Challenge, but after looking at the original submission, I don´t think the […]



The task of choosing which of the latest prints on Design by Hümans, I would feature, was an easy one this week. Due to their Happy February Sale, that ends tonight, there was only one t-shirt released last week, Caesium-137 by ninthWHEEL. It is without a doubt a great tee, although I must admit I would […]

Lose Your Mind!


My featured design from the new prints this week on Threadless is Lose Your Mind! by Martin Krusche. First of all, because it´s an amazing black and white illustration, with a great linework. Lots of detail that really deserves taking some time to completely appreciate and understand. And to make it even better, it´s a wrap around […]

After a week away from writing in this blog, due to a work related trip to Valencia, Spain, is time to get back at my usual posts, starting with my featured t-shirt, from the latest prints at DBH. The chosen one was A common dangerous night by alvarejo. Owls are a overused theme on t-shirt […]

Mr. Typo


Looking at my latest featured tees in this blog, and the recent prints at DBH, it looks there´s a trend for animal t-shirts. Nothing wrong about it, although seeing so many of these side by side, you get the feeling that a bit of change and more original designs could be needed. So, to break […]

Patches The Dog by PeppersPolishMafiaLarge format posters printing from zazzle Flu Bugger by PeppersPolishMafia View other Warning Posters This Friday, on my usual post about Zazzle, I decided to feature the store of Rebecca Czosnek. The two prints showcased above, are just an example of the kind of art you´ll find in this store. These […]

So, Valentine´s day is approaching soon, and when talking about love and romance, nothing like a bit of french touch to make it even more glamorous. Because of this, I’m featuring a design from LaFraise, Le joli couple… by beyond the chuch’. Beautiful illustration with a clever use of t-shirt color, great linework and characters. The […]

Guess I will keep the trend from yesterday post, and feature another “rhino” shirt, this time coming from Threadless. Rhinoceros Valley by Joe Carr is an amazingly detailed illustration, that although being one color only, has a great range of tones created by the density of the linework. This has to be admired from up […]