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I´m often surprised by the way I see some poorly executed designs, end up gaining a huge popularity, just because they have some kind of “geeky” reference, that every nerd or wannabe, just goes insane about. I´m far from considering myself a part of that group, but I try to be informed enough to recognise when […]

Crows Valley


The use of negative space is a seldom used technique in t-shirt design, and about every other tee site has his fair share of this kind of work. So, finding something original using it, is almost next to impossible, but when used creatively, it still is a valid resource to deliver some solid designs. And, […]

When I first started this blog, one of my goals was to use it, to feature some of my own designs that I submit or post for sale, on the sites I usually promote. But the truth is that I´m, without a doubt, the worst person to talk about my own work, so most of […]