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Daddy Was a Jewel Thief by j3concepts Make your own mousepad with zazzle Super Mega Cavity by j3concepts More Artsprojekt Mousepads Another week is ending, so lets take some time to have a look at another Zazzle gallery, this time from Jared Nickerson aka J3Concepts. If you follow sites and blogs dedicated to graphic design, you most likely know […]

Ghost Pattern Mousepad BW by ChunkyDesign See all other mousepads at Heart Pattern Valentine Postcard by ChunkyDesign Design Custom postcards at zazzle This post was planned to be written yesterday, but with my daughter´s 8th birthday, when I finally got time to sit in front of the computer, I was too tired to even think […]

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Creatures Mousepad by billoneil View more custom mousepads on appleheads! by Gurilla Browse Gurilla Skateboards The same way I left Tuesdays, to post about Threadless, I decided to use Fridays to blog about products or stores, that I like in Zazzle. To start things off, today I feature a couple of products. A mousepad from Bill O´Neil´s […]

Charming prince by nicobou Make photo mouse pads online at View more Reptiles Amphibians Mousepads Ram by nicobou Buy a cheap mouse pad at View other Cartoon Art Mousepads   This time I decided to, once again, feature one of my favorite galleries on Zazzle, Nicobou´s Gallery. It´s still pretty recent and hasn´t […]

The Black Eyed Peas Red Monkey Logo Mousepad by blackeyedpeas Make mousepads At Browse Musical Styles Mousepads Velvet Revolver Libertad with Skeletons Mousepad by velvetrevolver Make mousepads At zazzle View other Musical Styles Mousepads In Zazzle you can also find music related merchandise, from  a lot of world famous artists and bands. Above I […]