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Pass It On


From the new tees released this week at Threadless, I decided to feature today, Pass It On by Dale Edwin Murray. This music related design has a cool retro vibe, with a nice use of color and a great illustration style. The distressing effect is executed in the proper measure, helping the mood and concept without […]

Daddy Was a Jewel Thief by j3concepts Make your own mousepad with zazzle Super Mega Cavity by j3concepts More Artsprojekt Mousepads Another week is ending, so lets take some time to have a look at another Zazzle gallery, this time from Jared Nickerson aka J3Concepts. If you follow sites and blogs dedicated to graphic design, you most likely know […]

My iPad Talks!


Over the last months there´s been a lot of talk about the iPad. From the Apple lovers who seemed  to be a little disappointed with it, to the people who see it as just another gadget, or the ones that eagerly waited to its release to buy one. If we´re one of these, and already […]



I´m sure most of you are aware Gulf oil spill, and the effects this devastating environmental disaster is having on that region, and will have for a long time. Unfortunately, there´s not much we can do to stop this disaster, or preventing similar ones to happen in the future, but we can at least make […]

Today, I decided to feature one of the latest releases at Design by Hümans, cirque-au-porter by tolagunestro. First, because I don´t see it as the typical DBH tee,  and it´s allways good to see different styles having a chance to print. Besides that, it´s a beautiful illustration, where you can easily create your own version […]

Anyone who is familiar with the various printing processes available for t-shirts, will know the differences between digital printing and screen printing. Besides the technical aspects of designing for screen printing, the cost of this method only makes it worthwhile if you print a large number of t-shirts, thus making it impossible to be available […]

It´s been a long time since my last post on this blog, but thought today was a good time to come back, since Threadless just started a summer sale with all their t-shirts at $10 from today till June 14. So, if there´s some space left on your wardrobe for some cool tees, these next days […]