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Threadless announced yesterday the two chosen designs from the Pop Life challenge. It´s one of those designs I decided to feature this week – Springfield Still Life by Alvaro Arteaga Sabaini. This is the kind of design that just speaks for itself, so I just have to say that this is a brilliant concept, with […]



A bit latter than usual, but still in time for my weekly post about Design by Hümans. From the new prints announced last week, I decided to feature Cosmonaut by The Mightytiki. What for me works in this design, is the fact is quite direct and straight to the point. A competent drawing, with no […]

Zazzle Friday 8


Nathan Spoor SUDDENLY T-Shirt by nathanspoor Make a custom shirt on zazzle Some days ago, a new site was presented, LABz, another colaboration between Zazzle and Artsprojekt. In this site, each week, a new t-shirt featuring art from a member of the Artsprojekt Global Creative Network, will be released. Instead of the standard digital printing […]

Threadless is still going on with their Holiday Sale, so things are looking pretty busy around their site. They´re having this last day, another promotion with all tees at $9, that was extended for some hours, so there´s still time to grab some t-shirts at this  great price. Don´t know what Threadless is trying to do, but, either […]

Giant City


It´s Monday again, a beginning of another week, and also the time for me to have another look at the latest printed tees on Design by Humans. This time I´m featuring Giant City ! by Aphte. Great illustration, really vibrant of color, with a lot of detail and action going on. The oversized print and […]

Today, I decided to do something different on the blog. Instead of featuring some of my own products, as I sometimes do on weekends, tought that it was time to give something to the readers of this blog. So today I offer my first freebie, in this case, a couple of textures. I had a […]

Zazzle Friday 7


Christmas Train by vladstudio Design Full color post cards at zazzle Loungekat & Bucket’o’Thought’s Aussie Christmas by LoungeKat Browse more Christmas Cards We are now in December, and everybody’s starting to go crazy about Christmas. So, I decided to join the party, and feature two Christmas cards on my weekly post about Zazzle. The first […]

Going along with the spirit of this season, Infectious is also having some holiday promotions. They´re offering 20% off all products (type in discount code EGGNOG at check-out) and free shipping within the US for orders over $50. So I decided today to, once again, feature one of their products, in this case a laptop […]

Threadless Holiday Sale continues this week, with all tees at $12, and free non-expedited shipping on US orders over $50 and international orders over $75. So there´s still time to get your favourite t-shirt, or buy a christmas gift for someone at a very reasonable price. From their new prints, I decided to feature The Last Day […]