Zazzle Friday 10


On other posts in this blog I featured some of the brands who have their stores on Zazzle to sell their merchandise. This time I´m doing it again with the community store of Mozilla, creators of the famous browser Firefox. This is a different store from the others I featured before, since most of the designs available as t-shirts there, were submited by members of the Mozilla community. The two designs featured above, were the result of a collaboration between Mozilla and Infectious and besides these t-shirts, they are also available at Infectious in their range of products. The first one is from a portuguese artist, Paulo Arraiano, whose work I showcased before in this blog. The second one is from David Lanham, and you can know a little more about him and his work by checking his website: So, if you´re a Firefox user that wouldn´t mind wearing a cool t-shirt, or would just like to help the Mozilla Project by buying some of their merchandise, or even submitting your own work to that store, just click on the images or use the links below it.



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