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If you´re familiar with shirt.woot! and their weekly derbys, you´ll most likely saw the work of Edgar R. McHerly. He often submit his t-shirt designs there, although lately on a less frequent basis. He is quite popular for his strange, and somehow demented style, at least among a lot of  other artists and designers. Unfortunately for […]

Patches The Dog by PeppersPolishMafiaLarge format posters printing from zazzle Flu Bugger by PeppersPolishMafia View other Warning Posters This Friday, on my usual post about Zazzle, I decided to feature the store of Rebecca Czosnek. The two prints showcased above, are just an example of the kind of art you´ll find in this store. These […]

Zazzle Friday 9


Sea Turtle by fizzgig Poster printing from Zombie Jr. by fizzgig View more Cartoon Posters For the last few days I´ve been working on some new designs for my Zazzle gallery with a ghost theme. While I was looking to see what kind of products were available there, about this theme, I came across John Schewgel´s […]

Zazzle Friday 3


sedated youth by austindreamer More Youth Posters strings attached by austindreamer More posters on zazzle This week I decided to feature two posters from austindreamer Zazzle Gallery. I like his style of drawing and there´s some interesting artwork to be found there. If you wanna see these products in more detail, or visit the author’s […]

Zazzle Friday 2


GeishaSkull – Print by palehorse Shop other artwork on zazzle Kathie Olivas / Violet by kathieolivas Browse Merchbooth Skateboards My choices for this second Zazzle Friday were influenced by the Halloween season we´re going through. The first one is a print from Chris Parks, aka Pale Horse, and the second one is a skateboard from […]

Threadless is having a sale on their prints, with all of them priced at just $10. If you have a white spot on your wall, that could use some attention, maybe this is the right time to take care of it. The print I feature above is called Nesting Dolls by John Mitchell. Although a […]

Rolling Stone


Some posts ago, I talked about music merchandise at Zazzle, and this time I decided to do the same related to Cafepress. One of the brands that uses a shop powered by Cafepress and ImageKind is the Rolling Stone magazine. In their shop you can buy reproductions of their magazine covers from the last five […]

This time we take another look at Threadless, but instead of t-shirts I featured a art print, which is another product available for sale there, and created with their users submissions. I chose this one because of the quality of the illustration and also for the message of having different types of religion and believes […]



Luca Ionescu “Olde Fashioned” by lucaionescu See poster designs From See more Arts Design Fashion Posters Luca Ionescu “Refill 7” White Skateboard by lucaionescu Make skateboards on See other Arts Design Fashion Skateboards This time we take a look at the ARTSPROJEKT platform at Zazzle. Taken from their site: ARTSPROJEKT is a curated […]

Alien and Chameleon by vladstudio More posters At Zazzle Browse more Digital Art Posters Square Elephant by vladstudio Other poster designs On Browse other Digital Art Posters Time to have another look at Zazzle, this turn to see some of the work available at Vladstudio´s gallery. He has a lot of awesome digital art […]