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Zazzle Friday 5


Retro Circles Green & Teal Business Card by CSProfileCards Make business cards with zazzle Retro Circles Green & Teal Presentation Binder by CSProfileCards Shop other custom printed vinyl binders on In my weekly post about Zazzle, I decided today to feature the ColorScheme Profile Cards store by Sabine Steinmüller. As its name implies, here […]



Rhombus Variation3 Mix1 Binder by ChunkyDesign Design a binder with zazzle Rhombus Variation2 Mix1 Stamp by ChunkyDesign Browse other stamps available at zazzle This Sunday is time for another post of shameless self-promotion. The two products featured above are part of a new product category I added to my Zazzle store and that I called Rhombus. The patterns […]

Zazzle Friday 4


Madhouse Binder by garfield View other Garfield Binders Duly Noted by garfield See more Garfield Binders Since a lot of superstitious people may not be having the greatest day in this Friday 13th, I decided to feature something related to humour to brighten up the day, on my weekly post about Zazzle. One of the […]



Retro Grunge Spindot Binder by ChunkyDesign More Retro Binders Geometric Flower Pattern Binder Mix5 by ChunkyDesign See other Geometric Binders I decided to leave weekends for a bit of self-promotion. Binders were the latest addition to the range of products, you can create on Zazzle. So, here is a couple I recently created. The design […]