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Fusion ya!


Let´s start by saying that I think that platypus are one of the most amazing creatures that nature has to offer. What else could I think about an animal that is a mixture of a duck, a beaver and an otter, that lays eggs although it´s a mammal, and even manages to have poisonous stingers… Add […]



Well, once again I´ve neglected this blog quite a bit, without any new posts for almost 2 months now. So, I hope everyone had a great holiday season and a wonderful start on this new year, that looks to be another hard one, for most of us. But, since being a pessimist, doesn´t really solve […]

Crows Valley


The use of negative space is a seldom used technique in t-shirt design, and about every other tee site has his fair share of this kind of work. So, finding something original using it, is almost next to impossible, but when used creatively, it still is a valid resource to deliver some solid designs. And, […]

It´s been a long time since I last posted here about laFraise, but the truth is that they keep releasing cool designs every week, and so, it´s more than justified to feature them again. Their last printed t-shirt is The Big Bang Theory by GUS. A fun and funky illustration, that gives us an alternative […]

So, Valentine´s day is approaching soon, and when talking about love and romance, nothing like a bit of french touch to make it even more glamorous. Because of this, I’m featuring a design from LaFraise, Le joli couple… by beyond the chuch’. Beautiful illustration with a clever use of t-shirt color, great linework and characters. The […]

Today, I decided to talk about another site that sells t-shirts created with user submitted designs, laFraise. If you´re looking for t-shirts with the same quality of designs you´ll find at Threadless or Design by Humans, but with a different style, laFraise might be your best choice. They run an open, ongoing competition, and also […]