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Zazzle Friday 2


GeishaSkull – Print by palehorse Shop other artwork on zazzle Kathie Olivas / Violet by kathieolivas Browse Merchbooth Skateboards My choices for this second Zazzle Friday were influenced by the Halloween season we´re going through. The first one is a print from Chris Parks, aka Pale Horse, and the second one is a skateboard from […]

On my weekly review about the new releases at Threadless, I decided to feature one of the Select Tees, Floating Crystal by Maxim Cyr (Recycledwax), a pretty well-known name, among the people who follows sites promoting t-shirt contests. A great illustration with a good choice of colors that works well against the black background of […]



Retro Grunge Spindot Binder by ChunkyDesign More Retro Binders Geometric Flower Pattern Binder Mix5 by ChunkyDesign See other Geometric Binders I decided to leave weekends for a bit of self-promotion. Binders were the latest addition to the range of products, you can create on Zazzle. So, here is a couple I recently created. The design […]

Zazzle Friday 1


Creatures Mousepad by billoneil View more custom mousepads on appleheads! by Gurilla Browse Gurilla Skateboards The same way I left Tuesdays, to post about Threadless, I decided to use Fridays to blog about products or stores, that I like in Zazzle. To start things off, today I feature a couple of products. A mousepad from Bill O´Neil´s […]

Use Your Brain


Threadless is having a one day t-shirt sale, related to Halloween, with tees at 10$. From the newly printed, I decided to feature Use Your Brain by Matheus Lopes Castro. It’s a great illustration, with a fantastic linework and coloring, that I believe can appeal to a lot of people, even if you´re not a big […]

Salt Water


Today I decided to feature a product from a t-shirt site, I never talked about before in this blog: Allmightys. They used to run themed competitions, but not long ago, they changed to have an open competition, from which a design is selected every month to be printed. The t-shirt featured above is Salt Water […]

Every Monday, Threadless announces the new additions to their catalog and also some reprints. In an effort to try and keep updating this blog more often than it has been so far, every Tuesday, I´ll be taking a look of what is new there, and featuring the things I like the most. To start this, […]