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Today I decided to showcase a spreadshirt shop, related to a great blog, for everyone who likes and works with vector illustration: Vectips. If you have never been to this site, it´s really worth a visit, and if you´re a “vector geek”, maybe you´ll  find something you like in his shop, and this way, support […]



Today, I decided to post about another site that I recently discovered, who, creates and sells products with user submitted designs: Infectious. What I liked about it was, beside having some pretty cool designs on sale, that the range of products was a bit different from other similar sites. There you can find device skins […]

Another site where you can publish your designs, and put them for sale, as t-shirts or artwork, is MySoti. They set a base price for each product, and then you set a percentage over that price that will define how much you´ll earn with each sale. You can also let other users vote on your […]