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Today, I´m featuring one of this week´s releases on Threadless, Raindeer by Chris Dixon. I´m quite familiar with his t-shirt designs, mostly through Woot derbys, where he is one of the most printed artists. But, this is his first print on Threadless, so I tought it was worth writing a post about. The concept for […]

10K Spacebar


Threadless announced this week the winners of their “Threadless Loves 10-10-10” challenge, with each of the three winners taking home a prize of $10,000. One for a previously printed designer, one unprinted but submitted, and one for a first time submitter. You can check the full list of the winning designs here. So, today, I’m […]

I´m often surprised by the way I see some poorly executed designs, end up gaining a huge popularity, just because they have some kind of “geeky” reference, that every nerd or wannabe, just goes insane about. I´m far from considering myself a part of that group, but I try to be informed enough to recognise when […]

Summer vacations are rapidly coming to an end, so it´s that time where, either as a student or because you have kids, you start preparing to another school year. Besides, the pens, pencils and books, it´s allways good to add some new cool clothes to the mix, in order to start it in style. Threadless […]



It looks that everything is about comics this week, with the Comic-Con convention going on in San Diego. Threadless just released a series of 4 t-shirts, called Comics-on-Tees, with designs from the artists Jill Thompson, Art Baltazar, Cliff Chiang and Tony Moore. You can get them individually, or in a Collector´s Edition Four Pack, saving […]



Time for another look at the new releases on Threadless, featuring the tee MMXII by Matheus Lopes Castro aka Mathiole. There´s a lot to admire in this post apocalyptic art nouveau inspired design. Starting from the fact that although clearly inspired and “faithful” to an art style, it still looks completely modern and contemporary. The color scheme […]

Pass It On


From the new tees released this week at Threadless, I decided to feature today, Pass It On by Dale Edwin Murray. This music related design has a cool retro vibe, with a nice use of color and a great illustration style. The distressing effect is executed in the proper measure, helping the mood and concept without […]



I´m sure most of you are aware Gulf oil spill, and the effects this devastating environmental disaster is having on that region, and will have for a long time. Unfortunately, there´s not much we can do to stop this disaster, or preventing similar ones to happen in the future, but we can at least make […]

It´s been a long time since my last post on this blog, but thought today was a good time to come back, since Threadless just started a summer sale with all their t-shirts at $10 from today till June 14. So, if there´s some space left on your wardrobe for some cool tees, these next days […]

Sir Rhyddcelot


Another group of solid designs were released by Threadless this past Monday. There were others that I could easily pick to feature here, but decided for this week´s Select, Sir Rhyddcelot by Esther Aarts. I really like this kind of illustration style, the color scheme used is gorgeous and looks perfect on the eggplant tee. It´s […]