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  So, Christmas is just around the corner, and Design by Hümans, has just announced an Holyday Sale with all their tees at $12, which is a great discount from their usual price. If you need some more t-shirts to fill your wardrobe, or just looking for a cool gift for someone without having to […]

We Did This To Ourselves by yonil This has been a different week at Design by Hümans, with every day releasing another winner of the 10K contest. For those not familiar with DBH, this contest, as the name suggests, offers a prize for the 1st place of $10000. As you might imagine, with such a huge […]

Design by Hümans is celebrating their 3rd anniversary, and because of that, they´re having another sale, this time with tees starting as low as $7. So, this can be a great chance to get some awesome t-shirts at a very affordable prize. I don´t know when it will end, but in these sales, is always better to […]

Today, I decided to feature one of the latest releases at Design by Hümans, cirque-au-porter by tolagunestro. First, because I don´t see it as the typical DBH tee,  and it´s allways good to see different styles having a chance to print. Besides that, it´s a beautiful illustration, where you can easily create your own version […]

Lets Be Free


From the latest releases at Design by Hümans, I decided to feature today Lets Be Free by neonbeast. There´s quite a positive message behind this design, a great choice of colors and composition. The type treatment really fits with the kind of graphics used, and the textures and patterns, a nice detail, making it a […]

Every Day Decay


T-shirts with skulls are a dime a dozen. Besides that, I´m far from being a fan of the usual rendition of skull tees. But, for every rule, there are exceptions, and this is the case on one of the latest prints on DBH, Every Day Decay by wotto. A great linework with awesome details and a […]



The task of choosing which of the latest prints on Design by Hümans, I would feature, was an easy one this week. Due to their Happy February Sale, that ends tonight, there was only one t-shirt released last week, Caesium-137 by ninthWHEEL. It is without a doubt a great tee, although I must admit I would […]

After a week away from writing in this blog, due to a work related trip to Valencia, Spain, is time to get back at my usual posts, starting with my featured t-shirt, from the latest prints at DBH. The chosen one was A common dangerous night by alvarejo. Owls are a overused theme on t-shirt […]

Mr. Typo


Looking at my latest featured tees in this blog, and the recent prints at DBH, it looks there´s a trend for animal t-shirts. Nothing wrong about it, although seeing so many of these side by side, you get the feeling that a bit of change and more original designs could be needed. So, to break […]

From the latest prints available at Design by Hümans, I decided to feature today, Breaking Down Barriers by gaunty. A strong illustration with a great use of textures, making that animal really powerful and menacing, popping out of the t-shirt. The oversized print also helps to make this design quite impressive, and the way the shards of […]