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I´ve written before on this blog about the work of Jared Nickerson aka J3Concepts, when I featured his Artsprojeckt store. Now he has a collection of wall murals and wallpapers available at IMGS Custom Wallcoverings, with some of his designs, so I tought it was the right time to feature his work again. Jared´s designs […]

Well, for the last weeks, the activity in terms of posting has been quite low. But, this got me thinking what should I change to gain a fresh perspective on the blog and a greater will in updating it. I guess one of the problems is that I´ve been focusing on a small numbers of sources, […]

Off the Wall


In the last month, I´ve been neglecting this blog quite a bit, but sometimes there are other priorities, and writing posts because I feel obliged to, ain´t exactly fun or what I want to do with this blog. But enough with rants and let’s get things rolling again, hopefully on a more regular basis. I´ve made posts […]

  Like the subtitle of this blog says, besides showing other peoples work, I will also show some of my own. Above are two products I published at Cafepress, a site where, you can create a wide range of products and put them for sale. We can choose to open a Basic Shop for free, […]