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If you´re familiar with shirt.woot! and their weekly derbys, you´ll most likely saw the work of Edgar R. McHerly. He often submit his t-shirt designs there, although lately on a less frequent basis. He is quite popular for his strange, and somehow demented style, at least among a lot of  other artists and designers. Unfortunately for […]

Patches The Dog by PeppersPolishMafiaLarge format posters printing from zazzle Flu Bugger by PeppersPolishMafia View other Warning Posters This Friday, on my usual post about Zazzle, I decided to feature the store of Rebecca Czosnek. The two prints showcased above, are just an example of the kind of art you´ll find in this store. These […]



Scrolling through the homepage of this blog, I realized that it´s turning into a t-shirt blog, and that wasn´t my goal. So, it´s time to start breaking this pattern, and getting back to featuring other kind of products. Today I decided to have a look at one of the latest releases on Infectious, Suspension by […]

Zazzle Friday 8


Nathan Spoor SUDDENLY T-Shirt by nathanspoor Make a custom shirt on zazzle Some days ago, a new site was presented, LABz, another colaboration between Zazzle and Artsprojekt. In this site, each week, a new t-shirt featuring art from a member of the Artsprojekt Global Creative Network, will be released. Instead of the standard digital printing […]

Zazzle Friday 7


Christmas Train by vladstudio Design Full color post cards at zazzle Loungekat & Bucket’o’Thought’s Aussie Christmas by LoungeKat Browse more Christmas Cards We are now in December, and everybody’s starting to go crazy about Christmas. So, I decided to join the party, and feature two Christmas cards on my weekly post about Zazzle. The first […]

These last days have been pretty busy in most of online stores with a lot of holiday sales and promotions regarding black friday. Design by Humans is no exception and their holiday sale, with tees starting at 12$, is still going on until the end of today. From their latest prints, I decided to feature today […]

Zazzle Friday 3


sedated youth by austindreamer More Youth Posters strings attached by austindreamer More posters on zazzle This week I decided to feature two posters from austindreamer Zazzle Gallery. I like his style of drawing and there´s some interesting artwork to be found there. If you wanna see these products in more detail, or visit the author’s […]

Zazzle Friday 2


GeishaSkull – Print by palehorse Shop other artwork on zazzle Kathie Olivas / Violet by kathieolivas Browse Merchbooth Skateboards My choices for this second Zazzle Friday were influenced by the Halloween season we´re going through. The first one is a print from Chris Parks, aka Pale Horse, and the second one is a skateboard from […]

Charming prince by nicobou Make photo mouse pads online at View more Reptiles Amphibians Mousepads Ram by nicobou Buy a cheap mouse pad at View other Cartoon Art Mousepads   This time I decided to, once again, feature one of my favorite galleries on Zazzle, Nicobou´s Gallery. It´s still pretty recent and hasn´t […]

This time we take another look at Threadless, but instead of t-shirts I featured a art print, which is another product available for sale there, and created with their users submissions. I chose this one because of the quality of the illustration and also for the message of having different types of religion and believes […]