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Double Flower Pattern Green by ChunkyDesign View more iphone 3 cases Round Squares Pattern Blue by ChunkyDesign View other iphone cases Zazzle just recently released a new line of products available to be customized through their site – iPhone and iPad cases from Speck. You could already buy them from the LABz site, in limited […]

When I first started this blog, one of my goals was to use it, to feature some of my own designs that I submit or post for sale, on the sites I usually promote. But the truth is that I´m, without a doubt, the worst person to talk about my own work, so most of […]

Ghost Pattern Keds by ChunkyDesign Make Keds sneakers with Diamond Plaid Royal Hi by ChunkyDesign Browse other Stripes Keds Shoes Yesterday, Zazzle added a new range of products to be customized and sold trough their platform. For a long time that´s being requested the possibility to design men´s shoes, in addition to the women […]

Today, I decided to once again, offer some free textures. I had some recycled paper left overs, and I think they make a cool texture, so I scan them and the result are the images you see above. I didn´t make any editing on them, just a bit of color correction, so basically, they´re like […]

Ghost Pattern Mousepad BW by ChunkyDesign See all other mousepads at Heart Pattern Valentine Postcard by ChunkyDesign Design Custom postcards at zazzle This post was planned to be written yesterday, but with my daughter´s 8th birthday, when I finally got time to sit in front of the computer, I was too tired to even think […]



Rhombus Variation3 Mix1 Binder by ChunkyDesign Design a binder with zazzle Rhombus Variation2 Mix1 Stamp by ChunkyDesign Browse other stamps available at zazzle This Sunday is time for another post of shameless self-promotion. The two products featured above are part of a new product category I added to my Zazzle store and that I called Rhombus. The patterns […]



Retro Grunge Spindot Binder by ChunkyDesign More Retro Binders Geometric Flower Pattern Binder Mix5 by ChunkyDesign See other Geometric Binders I decided to leave weekends for a bit of self-promotion. Binders were the latest addition to the range of products, you can create on Zazzle. So, here is a couple I recently created. The design […]

Today´s Best


Dragonfly with Flowers Long Sleeve by ChunkyDesign Many t-shirt designs available at Browse more Nature Landscapes T-Shirts   Everyday, Zazzle´s staff chooses some products published that day, that they feature at their home page and whom they call Today´s Best. After about 3 weeks of publishing my work at Zazzle I got my first […]

  Like the subtitle of this blog says, besides showing other peoples work, I will also show some of my own. Above are two products I published at Cafepress, a site where, you can create a wide range of products and put them for sale. We can choose to open a Basic Shop for free, […]