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Doodle Speakers


Double Flower Pattern Pink by ChunkyDesign View more Pattern Speakers Geo Pattern by ChunkyDesign See other Dot Speakers Zazzle has made available today, a new line of products ready to be customized and bought, through their print-on demand platform: Doodle Speakers. These speakers by OrigAudio have a fabric face cover, that can be personalized with […]

Double Flower Pattern Green by ChunkyDesign View more iphone 3 cases Round Squares Pattern Blue by ChunkyDesign View other iphone cases Zazzle just recently released a new line of products available to be customized through their site – iPhone and iPad cases from Speck. You could already buy them from the LABz site, in limited […]

WONDER WOMAN T-SHIRT by dccomics Browse Dccomics DC 75TH ANNIVERSARY BUNDLE PACK by dccomics Design customized t shirts at Zazzle I know that usually my posts related to Zazzle are on Fridays, but I saw something in their homepage today, that I found interesting, and chose not to wait another 4 days to write about […]

Daddy Was a Jewel Thief by j3concepts Make your own mousepad with zazzle Super Mega Cavity by j3concepts More Artsprojekt Mousepads Another week is ending, so lets take some time to have a look at another Zazzle gallery, this time from Jared Nickerson aka J3Concepts. If you follow sites and blogs dedicated to graphic design, you most likely know […]

Anyone who is familiar with the various printing processes available for t-shirts, will know the differences between digital printing and screen printing. Besides the technical aspects of designing for screen printing, the cost of this method only makes it worthwhile if you print a large number of t-shirts, thus making it impossible to be available […]

LionHeart by vonster View other Artsprojekt T-Shirts Funk-O-Delic by vonster View other Artsprojekt Keds Shoes Another Friday is here, so it´s time to have another look at Zazzle. This time, decided to feature the gallery from the designer and illustrator, Von Glitschka (Vonster). He´s a quite experienced professional, so the quality of the designs you´ll find […]

Ghost Pattern Keds by ChunkyDesign Make Keds sneakers with Diamond Plaid Royal Hi by ChunkyDesign Browse other Stripes Keds Shoes Yesterday, Zazzle added a new range of products to be customized and sold trough their platform. For a long time that´s being requested the possibility to design men´s shoes, in addition to the women […]

Patches The Dog by PeppersPolishMafiaLarge format posters printing from zazzle Flu Bugger by PeppersPolishMafia View other Warning Posters This Friday, on my usual post about Zazzle, I decided to feature the store of Rebecca Czosnek. The two prints showcased above, are just an example of the kind of art you´ll find in this store. These […]

“Into.The.Forest” by YUP | Paulo.Arraiano by mozilla Create a customized tee shirt at zazzle “Bubble Bay” by David Lanham by mozilla Tees made by zazzle On other posts in this blog I featured some of the brands who have their stores on Zazzle to sell their merchandise. This time I´m doing it again with the community store of […]