Rhinoceros Valley


Guess I will keep the trend from yesterday post, and feature another “rhino” shirt, this time coming from Threadless. Rhinoceros Valley by Joe Carr is an amazingly detailed illustration, that although being one color only, has a great range of tones created by the density of the linework. This has to be admired from up close, to really see all the details that transform the shape of the rhino´s head into a beautifully drawn landscape. So anyone wearing this t-shirt has to be ready to have people “in their face” admiring all the things you can only get a hint from, watching it from the distance. If you wanna see this design in greater detail, which in this case is mandatory, to fully understand the concept and idea behind this t-shirt, just click on the image.
On another note, if you haven´t yet decided what to offer your loved one this Valentine´s day, and think that a cool tee would make him happy, you might wanna check out the VDay sale on Threadless, with all the “luv” tees at $14. This sales ends the 5th February, and to see what designs are available just head over to their homepage, by clicking here, or using the link on the sidebar.



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