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Lose Your Mind!


My featured design from the new prints this week on Threadless is Lose Your Mind! by Martin Krusche. First of all, because it´s an amazing black and white illustration, with a great linework. Lots of detail that really deserves taking some time to completely appreciate and understand. And to make it even better, it´s a wrap around […]

Zazzle Friday 6


Black Calendar by VioDeBlack Get a calendar from Zazzle 2010 calendar INK by anneliolander View more Artsprojekt Calendars We’re now almost in December, Christmas is coming, and soon , the new year will be here, so today, on my weekly post about Zazzle products, I decided to feature two 2010 Calendars. The first one with some beautiful and […]

Every Monday, Threadless announces the new additions to their catalog and also some reprints. In an effort to try and keep updating this blog more often than it has been so far, every Tuesday, I´ll be taking a look of what is new there, and featuring the things I like the most. To start this, […]