Daddy Was a Jewel Thief by j3concepts Make your own mousepad with zazzle Super Mega Cavity by j3concepts More Artsprojekt Mousepads Another week is ending, so lets take some time to have a look at another Zazzle gallery, this time from Jared Nickerson aka J3Concepts. If you follow sites and blogs dedicated to graphic design, you most likely know […]

LionHeart by vonster View other Artsprojekt T-Shirts Funk-O-Delic by vonster View other Artsprojekt Keds Shoes Another Friday is here, so it´s time to have another look at Zazzle. This time, decided to feature the gallery from the designer and illustrator, Von Glitschka (Vonster). He´s a quite experienced professional, so the quality of the designs you´ll find […]

Zazzle Friday 8


Nathan Spoor SUDDENLY T-Shirt by nathanspoor Make a custom shirt on zazzle Some days ago, a new site was presented, LABz, another colaboration between Zazzle and Artsprojekt. In this site, each week, a new t-shirt featuring art from a member of the Artsprojekt Global Creative Network, will be released. Instead of the standard digital printing […]

Zazzle Friday 7


Christmas Train by vladstudio Design Full color post cards at zazzle Loungekat & Bucket’o’Thought’s Aussie Christmas by LoungeKat Browse more Christmas Cards We are now in December, and everybody’s starting to go crazy about Christmas. So, I decided to join the party, and feature two Christmas cards on my weekly post about Zazzle. The first […]

Zazzle Friday 2


GeishaSkull – Print by palehorse Shop other artwork on zazzle Kathie Olivas / Violet by kathieolivas Browse Merchbooth Skateboards My choices for this second Zazzle Friday were influenced by the Halloween season we´re going through. The first one is a print from Chris Parks, aka Pale Horse, and the second one is a skateboard from […]

Zazzle Friday 1


Creatures Mousepad by billoneil View more custom mousepads on appleheads! by Gurilla Browse Gurilla Skateboards The same way I left Tuesdays, to post about Threadless, I decided to use Fridays to blog about products or stores, that I like in Zazzle. To start things off, today I feature a couple of products. A mousepad from Bill O´Neil´s […]



Luca Ionescu “Olde Fashioned” by lucaionescu See poster designs From See more Arts Design Fashion Posters Luca Ionescu “Refill 7” White Skateboard by lucaionescu Make skateboards on See other Arts Design Fashion Skateboards This time we take a look at the ARTSPROJEKT platform at Zazzle. Taken from their site: ARTSPROJEKT is a curated […]