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When I first started this blog, one of my goals was to use it, to feature some of my own designs that I submit or post for sale, on the sites I usually promote. But the truth is that I´m, without a doubt, the worst person to talk about my own work, so most of […]

LionHeart by vonster View other Artsprojekt T-Shirts Funk-O-Delic by vonster View other Artsprojekt Keds Shoes Another Friday is here, so it´s time to have another look at Zazzle. This time, decided to feature the gallery from the designer and illustrator, Von Glitschka (Vonster). He´s a quite experienced professional, so the quality of the designs you´ll find […]

Ghost Pattern Keds by ChunkyDesign Make Keds sneakers with Diamond Plaid Royal Hi by ChunkyDesign Browse other Stripes Keds Shoes Yesterday, Zazzle added a new range of products to be customized and sold trough their platform. For a long time that´s being requested the possibility to design men´s shoes, in addition to the women […]

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Pink Floral by whupsadaisy Make your own Keds shoes online with See other Shoes Keds Shoes Keds Art Shoe – Bubbles and Curls by dreamasylum Design personalized shoes on zazzle Browse other Graphic Design Keds Shoes This time we take a look at Zazzle, where you can easily create a wide range of products […]