Rhombus Variation2 Mix1 Stamp stamp
Rhombus Variation2 Mix1 Stamp by ChunkyDesign
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This Sunday is time for another post of shameless self-promotion. The two products featured above are part of a new product category I added to my Zazzle store and that I called Rhombus. The patterns on that line were all created by taking a basic geometric pattern and transforming their individual elements in order to create different variations and results. The second product received a TBA(Today´s Best Award). If you wanna have a closer look at the designs, just click on the images.
Recently I also decided to give it a try at Squidoo and created my first lens that I named Design for you…, and that is a sort of extension of what I´ve been doing with this blog. Although it isn´t completely finished the way I want it to be, if you don´t mind taking a look, and maybe give me some feedback on how it can be improved, use the link on the sidebar, under my personal links.



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