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If you´re familiar with shirt.woot! and their weekly derbys, you´ll most likely saw the work of Edgar R. McHerly. He often submit his t-shirt designs there, although lately on a less frequent basis. He is quite popular for his strange, and somehow demented style, at least among a lot of  other artists and designers. Unfortunately for […]



It looks that everything is about comics this week, with the Comic-Con convention going on in San Diego. Threadless just released a series of 4 t-shirts, called Comics-on-Tees, with designs from the artists Jill Thompson, Art Baltazar, Cliff Chiang and Tony Moore. You can get them individually, or in a Collector´s Edition Four Pack, saving […]

WONDER WOMAN T-SHIRT by dccomics Browse Dccomics DC 75TH ANNIVERSARY BUNDLE PACK by dccomics Design customized t shirts at Zazzle I know that usually my posts related to Zazzle are on Fridays, but I saw something in their homepage today, that I found interesting, and chose not to wait another 4 days to write about […]

Zazzle Friday 4


Madhouse Binder by garfield View other Garfield Binders Duly Noted by garfield See more Garfield Binders Since a lot of superstitious people may not be having the greatest day in this Friday 13th, I decided to feature something related to humour to brighten up the day, on my weekly post about Zazzle. One of the […]

South Park


OOTS BUNG SOW! by southpark Shop for a t shirt on View other Animation Comics T-Shirts Mysterion Brushed by southpark Make Customized Tshirts At View more Animation Comics T-Shirts   Keeping on the subject of brands that use print-on-demand services to sell their merchandise, I decided this time to have a look at […]