Aged Fabric Textures


Aged Fabric
Aged Fabric Pattern

Today, I decided to do something different on the blog. Instead of featuring some of my own products, as I sometimes do on weekends, tought that it was time to give something to the readers of this blog. So today I offer my first freebie, in this case, a couple of textures. I had a sample of white fabric laying around, and before throwing it away, I decided to scan it and play a little with it, and the result is the two aged fabric textures featured above. The first one is just the fabric with an aged effect, while on the second one I added a striped pattern. This textures are free for you to use in your personal and commercial projects, with no accreditation necessary. The only thing I ask, is that you don´t redistribute or sell them as your own. And if you like to share them, please do it with a link to this post. Depending on the feedback I get from this, I will consider doing it on a regular basis. It would also be nice to see how you used them, so if you want, leave me a link in the comments to your work with these textures.
Click on the images to see it in greater detail, and download them, or click here to get them both in a zip file.


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