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WONDER WOMAN T-SHIRT by dccomics Browse Dccomics DC 75TH ANNIVERSARY BUNDLE PACK by dccomics Design customized t shirts at Zazzle I know that usually my posts related to Zazzle are on Fridays, but I saw something in their homepage today, that I found interesting, and chose not to wait another 4 days to write about […]

Pass It On


From the new tees released this week at Threadless, I decided to feature today, Pass It On by Dale Edwin Murray. This music related design has a cool retro vibe, with a nice use of color and a great illustration style. The distressing effect is executed in the proper measure, helping the mood and concept without […]

My iPad Talks!


Over the last months there´s been a lot of talk about the iPad. From the Apple lovers who seemed  to be a little disappointed with it, to the people who see it as just another gadget, or the ones that eagerly waited to its release to buy one. If we´re one of these, and already […]

iPod Skins


Today I decided to have another look at Infectious and feature two of theirs iPod Skins designs. Although different in terms of execution and style, they both are connected by using the same object in the design, bringing us back to the days, where the concept of portable music started to be widespread, with “walkman” […]