DC Comics 75th Anniversary T-Shirts at Zazzle


I know that usually my posts related to Zazzle are on Fridays, but I saw something in their homepage today, that I found interesting, and chose not to wait another 4 days to write about it. To celebrate 75 years of DC Comics, a pack of 5 t-shirts is now available for sale. These aren´t the usual DTG printed tees, available on the print-on-demand service, but screen printed, limited edition, American Apparel t-shirts, with designs based on cover art from old comics. So, if you´re a DC Comics fan, or you just like designs with a vintage comic book feel, this can be a nice deal. Like I said before, there are 5 different designs to choose from, featuring Superman, Wonder Woman, Batman, Green Lantern, and the Justice League. There´s also the option to buy them as a bundle, allowing you to save some money on each t-shirt. If you wanna see these items in greater detail, just click on the images above, or use the links below them. These designs are also available in some of the other products offered by Zazzle.
Edit: I realized these special edition t-shirts are no longer available, so clicking on the images will go to a error page. To see a range of products with these designs, check out this page on the DC Comics Zazzle store – DC Comics 75th Anniversary.


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