Fusion ya!

Fusion ya! by pandaluna

Fusion ya! by pandaluna

Let´s start by saying that I think that platypus are one of the most amazing creatures that nature has to offer. What else could I think about an animal that is a mixture of a duck, a beaver and an otter, that lays eggs although it´s a mammal, and even manages to have poisonous stingers… Add to that the portuguese word for platypus – ornitorrinco – such a great word by itself, and it´s obvious that a t-shirt design with a platypus on it, is already half way the coolness scale to me. Now, mix that with a nice concept, and some fun characters, and you´ve got a cool tee like laFraise’s latest release, Fusion ya! by pandaluna. So, if you also think that platypus are awesome, don´t forget to click on the image above, to see this design in greater detail.

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