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Crows Valley


The use of negative space is a seldom used technique in t-shirt design, and about every other tee site has his fair share of this kind of work. So, finding something original using it, is almost next to impossible, but when used creatively, it still is a valid resource to deliver some solid designs. And, […]



The task of choosing which of the latest prints on Design by Hümans, I would feature, was an easy one this week. Due to their Happy February Sale, that ends tonight, there was only one t-shirt released last week, Caesium-137 by ninthWHEEL. It is without a doubt a great tee, although I must admit I would […]

The Daydreamer


On my weekly visit to Threadless, I decided to feature today, one of the new prints – The Daydreamer by Chelsea Nelson. It´s a very rich and detailed drawing, that fits really well with the concept of this design. I would prefer that the blue on the shirt could be less saturated and more faithful […]



  Today, I decided to go back at Design by Humans, to showcase one of the most popular t-shirts on sale there. This is printed with only one color, white over a black shirt, using discharge ink which gives the print a “bleached” look. I chose this one as an example how, sometimes, keeping it […]