Dedo by Gonçalo Campos

Well, for the last weeks, the activity in terms of posting has been quite low. But, this got me thinking what should I change to gain a fresh perspective on the blog and a greater will in updating it. I guess one of the problems is that I´ve been focusing on a small numbers of sources, keeping the numbers of sites I usually feature here to the ones I have a better knowledge. The truth is that everyday, trough blogs or from the people I follow on Twitter, for example, I come across a lot of interesting products that could deserve a post on this blog. So, from today I will try to broaden the scope of this blog, not only to have a wider range of choices to my post, but also to get a better diversity in terms of the type of products featured and break away from the t-shirt blog trend I ended up falling to. Of course, I will keep my focus, on the same level of products, the kind of thing you´re not likely to find on your local store or shopping mall.
To start things I decided to feature today, “Dedo”, a faux fur message board from the portuguese designer Gonçalo Campos. First, because he´s portuguese, like me, and second, because it fits, in my opinion, with the tittle of this post. This is a great example of what design can be. It takes a simple and everyday product and gives it a whole different meaning. And it´s just not a cosmetic change, but a diverse take on his function and usage, in this case making the relation between the object and its user, much closer and intimate. This message board is available from the designer´s website, where you can also find other interesting products.


We Did This To Ourselves by yonil
We Did This To Ourselves by yonil

This has been a different week at Design by Hümans, with every day releasing another winner of the 10K contest. For those not familiar with DBH, this contest, as the name suggests, offers a prize for the 1st place of $10000. As you might imagine, with such a huge prize, there´s always a great expectation over this contest, with a lot of the most successful t-shirt designers putting a lot of effort not only on their designs, but also on their promotion, to have a chance in reaching the finalists, fighting for the win. Today, the 1st place winner was announced, and is the tee featured above, We did this to ourselves by Jonathan Lax AKA yonil. I didn´t follow the 10K contest closely, but from the final designs, this always appeared to be one of the favourites for the win. It had a diverse style that made it stand out, a great concept and message behind the design and an over the shoulder print, that´s not common to see. For all of this, and although there were other great designs, this was a deserved win.
Clicking on the image we´ll take you to the DBH shop, where you can see this design in greater detail.

Traditional Greeting - Threadless, Best T-shirts Ever

I´m often surprised by the way I see some poorly executed designs, end up gaining a huge popularity, just because they have some kind of “geeky” reference, that every nerd or wannabe, just goes insane about. I´m far from considering myself a part of that group, but I try to be informed enough to recognise when a strong concept turns into a solid design. This is, in my opinion, the case of one of the latest releases on Threadless, Traditional Greeting by Paulo Bruno. The use of the zipper as a part of the design is quite clever, turning a hand into Mr Spock´s vulcan salute. The fact that the drawing in itself is quite simple and minimal, is also a plus, leaving this design to live only on the idea behind it, without any unnecessary showcase of skills and technique. Of course that, putting my nerd glasses on, I might argue that there´s some inaccuracy in the position of the thumb, or point out that when you open the zipper the fingers will always fold and bend in an unnatural way, but I guess that these details are not enough to diminish the strength of this design.
To view this design in greater detail, just click on the image, and most important, don´t ever forget – “live long and prosper”.

Crows Valley

Crows Valley by Quinelas

Crows Valley by Quinelas

The use of negative space is a seldom used technique in t-shirt design, and about every other tee site has his fair share of this kind of work. So, finding something original using it, is almost next to impossible, but when used creatively, it still is a valid resource to deliver some solid designs. And, in my opinion this is the case of the latest t-shirt released by laFraise – Crows Valley by Quinelas. The type of drawing used, the colours, or some nice details like the way the moon also is the eye of the crow that shapes the design, serve the concept behind this t-shirt, in producing the required dark atmosphere. Like they say on their site, this can be “a perfect collectors item for fans of Hitchcock’s “The Birds””.
To view this design in greater detail, just click on the image. You can also read a interview with the creator of this design at laFraise´s blog. Check it out, here.

When I first started this blog, one of my goals was to use it, to feature some of my own designs that I submit or post for sale, on the sites I usually promote. But the truth is that I´m, without a doubt, the worst person to talk about my own work, so most of the times I think about doing this kind of self-promotion posts, I end up deciding it´s not worth it. This time, however, I guess there´s a good reason for it, since yesterday I had the pleasant surprise of knowing that I was the 2nd place winner of the “Show Us Your Sole” contest promoted by RYZ. They´re a footwear company based in Portland, and teamed up with Thrillist to run this shoe design contest, for the launch of their new G3 line of footwear. The image above is my design, and if you click on it, you can go to the contest page and see the winning design. While you´re there, why not take a look at the G3 series, and if you like them, you might consider taking advantage of the pre-order promotion and get 20% off, until September 6.

The Big Bang Theory by GUS

The Big Bang Theory by GUS

It´s been a long time since I last posted here about laFraise, but the truth is that they keep releasing cool designs every week, and so, it´s more than justified to feature them again. Their last printed t-shirt is The Big Bang Theory by GUS. A fun and funky illustration, that gives us an alternative and amusing view on how our planet was created. Understanding how our universe works, might not be so complicated, after all. To view this design in greater detail, just click on the image.
Editing this post to add that you can now read a interview with GUS, related to this design, on laFraise´s blog. Check it out, here.

Water Balloons - Threadless, Best T-shirts Ever

Summer vacations are rapidly coming to an end, so it´s that time where, either as a student or because you have kids, you start preparing to another school year. Besides, the pens, pencils and books, it´s allways good to add some new cool clothes to the mix, in order to start it in style. Threadless is giving a help with this, by having another sale, with $10 tees and $30 hoodies, until August 26th.
To illustrate this post I featured one of their newest prints, Water Balloons by Alice X. Zhang and Melanie Herring. Beautiful concept and illustration, in a design with a great flow and use of color, and a serene and dreamy atmosphere.
To view this design in greater detail, just click on the image, or use the link on the sidebar to go to Threadless homepage and see all available designs on this sale.



Every Night I Have the Same Dream, Issue 4, Vol. 1 - Threadless, Best T-shirts Ever

It looks that everything is about comics this week, with the Comic-Con convention going on in San Diego. Threadless just released a series of 4 t-shirts, called Comics-on-Tees, with designs from the artists Jill Thompson, Art Baltazar, Cliff Chiang and Tony Moore. You can get them individually, or in a Collector´s Edition Four Pack, saving $10 this way. One of the coolest things about this series is that although based on the same theme, they´re quite different in style. Also worth noticing that all of them are front and back prints. Featured above is the design by Art Baltazar. If you wanna see that tee in greater detail, just click on the image, or click here to go to Threadless homepage and have a look at the complete series.

I know that usually my posts related to Zazzle are on Fridays, but I saw something in their homepage today, that I found interesting, and chose not to wait another 4 days to write about it. To celebrate 75 years of DC Comics, a pack of 5 t-shirts is now available for sale. These aren´t the usual DTG printed tees, available on the print-on-demand service, but screen printed, limited edition, American Apparel t-shirts, with designs based on cover art from old comics. So, if you´re a DC Comics fan, or you just like designs with a vintage comic book feel, this can be a nice deal. Like I said before, there are 5 different designs to choose from, featuring Superman, Wonder Woman, Batman, Green Lantern, and the Justice League. There´s also the option to buy them as a bundle, allowing you to save some money on each t-shirt. If you wanna see these items in greater detail, just click on the images above, or use the links below them. These designs are also available in some of the other products offered by Zazzle.
Edit: I realized these special edition t-shirts are no longer available, so clicking on the images will go to a error page. To see a range of products with these designs, check out this page on the DC Comics Zazzle store – DC Comics 75th Anniversary.

AΩ by ninhol

Design by Hümans is celebrating their 3rd anniversary, and because of that, they´re having another sale, this time with tees starting as low as $7. So, this can be a great chance to get some awesome t-shirts at a very affordable prize. I don´t know when it will end, but in these sales, is always better to hurry up, or it will be harder to find the designs you want available. To illustrate this post I´m featuring my favorite t-shirt from their latest releases, by ninhol. Vibrant colors and a great drawing make this a beautiful summer tee, and the print on the back is the kind of detail that makes a good design even better.
Clicking on the image we´ll take you to the DBH shop, where you can see all available designs, with the reduced prices.