Raindeer by Chris Dixon

Raindeer by Chris Dixon

Today, I´m featuring one of this week´s releases on Threadless, Raindeer by Chris Dixon. I´m quite familiar with his t-shirt designs, mostly through Woot derbys, where he is one of the most printed artists. But, this is his first print on Threadless, so I tought it was worth writing a post about. The concept for this design is nothing spectacular, just a simple play on words, but it´s the way it´s executed that makes this a cool tee. The colors work well together and against the t-shirt color, specially on the jade, showcased above. The texturing is just masterfully done, adding a lot of depth and volume to the illustration without the need of any kind of contour lines, and the flow of the rain drops provide some movement and rhythm creating an elegant and subtle image, making this a very wearable t-shirt. To view this design in greater detail, just click on the image, and if you want to know a little more about Chris tee designs, check out his t-shirt portfolio at http://chrisdixonmedia.com. It could use a little updating, but still worth having a look.

On another note, and since we´re focusing on Threadless, time for a bit of shameless self promotion. They teamed up with Griffin for an iPhone 4 Case design challenge, and I´ve submited a couple of designs. So, if you don´t mind taking the time to have a look, and maybe give me back some feedback, it would be greatly appreciated. The entries are here, and here.


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