Holiday Sale at DBH



Never as it Seems by zerobriant

So, Christmas is just around the corner, and Design by Hümans, has just announced an Holyday Sale with all their tees at $12, which is a great discount from their usual price. If you need some more t-shirts to fill your wardrobe, or just looking for a cool gift for someone without having to empty your wallet, this can be a good opportunity. This sale will last for about three weeks, until December 5, which means that, on the other hand, there will be no new prints until then. To have a look of all the available tees on DBH shop, just click on the image above, or use the link on the sidebar.
But, this sale, is not the only reason for this post. In the end of October, DBH announced a new Art Director, Craig Watkins aka Wotto. He´s a big name in t-shirt design, so he certainly has the knowledge and skills required for this task. And from what I could witness so far, it has been a great decision. They have a new look on their newsletter with a weekly contest and he´s been quite active both in the forum and on design submissions comments. On a site like Design by Humans, the sense of community is quite important, and this social part is crucial to keep people willing to purchase and promote their products. Besides that, knowing Wotto´s style, I guess is legit to expect some diversity in what will be printed in the near future. Although is great for DBH to have is own identity in what they print, it´s also vital to keep taking risks and stepping out of their comfort zone to avoid stagnation. So, I´m really looking forward to see what will happen with Design by Hümans on the next months, and hope that this positive beginning of their new Art Director, is still just a fraction of all the good things to come.


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