Time for a change…


Dedo by Gonçalo Campos

Well, for the last weeks, the activity in terms of posting has been quite low. But, this got me thinking what should I change to gain a fresh perspective on the blog and a greater will in updating it. I guess one of the problems is that I´ve been focusing on a small numbers of sources, keeping the numbers of sites I usually feature here to the ones I have a better knowledge. The truth is that everyday, trough blogs or from the people I follow on Twitter, for example, I come across a lot of interesting products that could deserve a post on this blog. So, from today I will try to broaden the scope of this blog, not only to have a wider range of choices to my post, but also to get a better diversity in terms of the type of products featured and break away from the t-shirt blog trend I ended up falling to. Of course, I will keep my focus, on the same level of products, the kind of thing you´re not likely to find on your local store or shopping mall.
To start things I decided to feature today, “Dedo”, a faux fur message board from the portuguese designer Gonçalo Campos. First, because he´s portuguese, like me, and second, because it fits, in my opinion, with the tittle of this post. This is a great example of what design can be. It takes a simple and everyday product and gives it a whole different meaning. And it´s just not a cosmetic change, but a diverse take on his function and usage, in this case making the relation between the object and its user, much closer and intimate. This message board is available from the designer´s website, where you can also find other interesting products.


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