We did this to ourselves

We Did This To Ourselves by yonil
We Did This To Ourselves by yonil

This has been a different week at Design by Hümans, with every day releasing another winner of the 10K contest. For those not familiar with DBH, this contest, as the name suggests, offers a prize for the 1st place of $10000. As you might imagine, with such a huge prize, there´s always a great expectation over this contest, with a lot of the most successful t-shirt designers putting a lot of effort not only on their designs, but also on their promotion, to have a chance in reaching the finalists, fighting for the win. Today, the 1st place winner was announced, and is the tee featured above, We did this to ourselves by Jonathan Lax AKA yonil. I didn´t follow the 10K contest closely, but from the final designs, this always appeared to be one of the favourites for the win. It had a diverse style that made it stand out, a great concept and message behind the design and an over the shoulder print, that´s not common to see. For all of this, and although there were other great designs, this was a deserved win.
Clicking on the image we´ll take you to the DBH shop, where you can see this design in greater detail.


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