Traditional Greeting


Traditional Greeting - Threadless, Best T-shirts Ever

I´m often surprised by the way I see some poorly executed designs, end up gaining a huge popularity, just because they have some kind of “geeky” reference, that every nerd or wannabe, just goes insane about. I´m far from considering myself a part of that group, but I try to be informed enough to recognise when a strong concept turns into a solid design. This is, in my opinion, the case of one of the latest releases on Threadless, Traditional Greeting by Paulo Bruno. The use of the zipper as a part of the design is quite clever, turning a hand into Mr Spock´s vulcan salute. The fact that the drawing in itself is quite simple and minimal, is also a plus, leaving this design to live only on the idea behind it, without any unnecessary showcase of skills and technique. Of course that, putting my nerd glasses on, I might argue that there´s some inaccuracy in the position of the thumb, or point out that when you open the zipper the fingers will always fold and bend in an unnatural way, but I guess that these details are not enough to diminish the strength of this design.
To view this design in greater detail, just click on the image, and most important, don´t ever forget – “live long and prosper”.


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