MMXIII - Threadless, Best T-shirts Ever

Time for another look at the new releases on Threadless, featuring the tee MMXII by Matheus Lopes Castro aka Mathiole. There´s a lot to admire in this post apocalyptic art nouveau inspired design. Starting from the fact that although clearly inspired and “faithful” to an art style, it still looks completely modern and contemporary. The color scheme used and the way the t-shirt is an integral part of the design is also worth noticing. Great to see how the purple background goes from a tree to the women´s hair and then to a night sky. All this at the service of a nice concept and an important environmental awareness message, so I really advice you to click on that image, and go this product´s page to appreciate it in more detail.
On another note Threadless is having another sale, with all tees at $10, until July 2 at 5 pm CT, to celebrate their Threadless Everywhere Tour. To learn more details about it, head on to their website.


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