peliCAN - Threadless, Best T-shirts Ever

I´m sure most of you are aware Gulf oil spill, and the effects this devastating environmental disaster is having on that region, and will have for a long time. Unfortunately, there´s not much we can do to stop this disaster, or preventing similar ones to happen in the future, but we can at least make our small contribution to those who are committed in helping to minimise the damage done. Threadless has released a t-shirt, that´s being sold for just $10, with all proceeds going to Gulf Restoration Network. A very effective, one color design, a true icon for this disaster, that will make sense even after most of us already forgotten about this situation. I can´t really call it beautiful, because, unfortunately, there´s nothing beautiful in what it represents. As I´m writing this, it looks that this tee is sold out, but I´m sure it won´t be long until it’s reprinted. If you wanna see the design in greater detail, and make your contribution to this cause, just click on the image.


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