Zazzle Friday 15


Anyone who is familiar with the various printing processes available for t-shirts, will know the differences between digital printing and screen printing. Besides the technical aspects of designing for screen printing, the cost of this method only makes it worthwhile if you print a large number of t-shirts, thus making it impossible to be available on a print-on-demand service. But in terms of quality and durability, a screen printed t-shirt is better than one that was digitally printed. Well, it seems that Zazzle found a way to make this gap a little smaller, by offering screen printing on t-shirts with minimum orders of 12 t-shirts. So, if you´re looking for a place to print a small run of tees, this looks like an interesting idea. I didn´t have time yet to go through all the details on this, but if you want to know more, I posted above Zazzle´s presentation video of this feature. You can also check Zazzle´s website, to look for some more information, or even give it a try with their designer tool.


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