“…well I´m just as confused as you are”


...Well I'm Just As Confused As You Are - Threadless, Best T-shirts Ever

A day later than usual, but still in time to have a look to the new tees announced last Monday on Threadless. It took me some time to decide which one to feature on this post. At first, I tought of Never Ending Challenge, but after looking at the original submission, I don´t think the printed t-shirt, truly represents the concept and quality of the illustration. So, I´m featuring “…well I´m just as confused as you are” by Jonah Block. A design that stands out because of his concept, and the right choices in terms of representation. We have two characters, a scuba diver and an astronaut, that, although looking “similar” in terms of their overall shape, were not meant to be occupying the same place. Add to that the reversed position of the two, their posture, and the purple color of the shirt, who doesn´t let us create a real scenery for this meeting, and we have a “what the hell is going on here” moment, making this a clever and fun t-shirt to wear. Clicking on the image will take you to this product´s page, where you can see this design in grater detail.



2 Responses to ““…well I´m just as confused as you are””

  1. 1 jonah

    thank you for the perfect description of what i was going for with my shirt.

  2. 2 chunkydesign

    Thank you for taking the time to write a comment in this blog. The best feedback I could get is from the artists whose work I feature here. Thanks once again!!

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