Create & Destroy

Create & Destroy by robsoul

Create & Destroy by robsoul

After taking some weeks away from writing in this blog, and most of my online “activities”, is now time to get back to my usual “routine” here, in this new year, that I wish it can be a great one for everybody. So, to kick things off again, I´ll start with my usual review, at the beginning of the week, of one of the latest prints at Design by Hümans. The t-shirt I decided to feature this time is Create & Destroy by robsoul. This concept of using a group of object shapes, mixed together to create another object shape, is not an original one, but as this tee proves, when done the right way, it still can be a very effective way to create a good design. The oversized print in light blue shades over the navy background provides a simple, yet, very solid and visually appealing result, with a clear and easily recognizable concept. Clicking on the image we´ll take you to the DBH shop, where you can see this design in greater detail.



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